New 401k Plan Options

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This great new Freelancer 401(k)program offers a Special Solo(k) plan for Self-Employed Members at a $0 set up fee and a $25 per year Annual Fee. This is designed to meet the needs of the members who want to put more money into a Retirement Plan that they can through an IRA Account.

Required Sexual Harassment Training

Jan. 1, 2020 Required Class for CA Companies with 5 or more employee's.

Sexual Harassment Training by State

State By State Harassment Training Requirements

Group Dental Plans

Dental Plans

Group Dental Plan with No Waiting Periods for Services. We have 4 options offered.

2 Options include plans that are for your In-Network dentist.

2 Options include plans that are for your Out of Network dentists.

Adult & Childrens Orthodontics included covered at 50%..

Faith Based Option